Oklahoma Trophy Whitetails

Unbelievably affordable outfitted whitetail deer hunting programs begins here at Oklahoma trophy whitetails !

Everyone is more price sensitive these days. Now we can’t say as we fault anyone. We all understand that. People today can’t afford to waste cash. As a consequence The people heading up Oklahoma trophy whitetails whitetails thought up a super deal to help everyone make pull your trophy whitetail hunting dreams even more affordable.

I’d like you to first, I want you to look at Oklahoma trophy whitetails’ posted prices. A mere $1800 for October archery, with only $1800 for rut archery in November and firearms season is fairly affordable to start. But they didn’t stop there. No they are just getting started !

After that The people at Oklahoma trophy whitetails are going to purchase your non resident Indiana hunting license and provide it for free for you when you buy one of those whitetail hunting packages.

But we’re not stopping yet!

If you want to take a youth hunter who have his or her youth license, they get to come here and hunt at no cost. You provide their license, they will give them their whitetail hunt at zero cost to you. Now look if the young hunter or huntress can take a deer or even more than one deer, that in no way changes the number of animals you the adult can harvest. Look Oklahoma trophy whitetails is going to feed that child too ! And as a parent you must know how many pounds of vittles growing boys can scarf down !

Why not pause and simply take a look at the faces on these happy youngsters ! Look if you want a sure fire way to capture any youngster’s undivided attention from their infernal cell phones for several days and somehow manage to scoot them back in the real world? For goodness sake, take that child on their first deer hunt and be there to watch them when they take their first deer !

But We’re not done yet. If you would be willing to convince three or more of your friends to book everyone as a group, we’ll knock off $100.00 from the total of all costs of everyone in the group. That amounts to about $400.00 in discounts for the entire group of hunters !

Could’t there be anything more enjoyable than chasing deer with a bunch of your good friends !

Now look Oklahoma trophy whitetails is going to give each hunter a clean comfortable place to sleep along with three square meals a day, along with each of the members of your group of hunters beginning with supper on the first day when you arrive in camp, then a hot and filling breakfast along with a hearty lunch and dinner for the rest of your time in camp. Now don’t forget that we are going to feed you bacon sausage eggs and biscuits upon the morning you leave that’s after your hunt is finished, because we don’t want you getting hungry on your way back. Now We here at Oklahoma trophy whitetails don’t want our hunters to be leaving the night following your last afternoon of hunting. Tuckered out with eyes half asleep and having to find a place to stay late at night. That’s not our way ! We always insist that our friends are well rested and well fed for their trip back home.

If you were to take into consideration how much it costs on food for a week for you and a kid if you had never left home. That adds up to be seventeen meals. 17 meals that was no cost to you.

We say that if you consider everything involved, Especially considering their record for large trophy deer Oklahoma trophy whitetails has proven to have the most affordable trophy whitetail hunting around.

You searching for affordable whitetail hunts? Those good people over at Oklahoma trophy whitetails have exactly what you need !
Oklahoma trophy whitetails